In an ever evolving world of marketing, and with so many new tools, it is important to continually adapt to focus on what works…

     …Now more than ever, people are overwhelmed with on-line and offline marketing manipulations such as flyers, bus benches, newspaper ads, email spam, and google ads. Social media news feeds are more inundated with impersonal content. Along with all the advancements, there are equal number of tools available for people to adjust what they don’t want to see. People are becoming more and more immune to all the noise.

Worldwide Exposure was a unique proposition 5 years ago but every property is exposed to every buyer around the world with the much improved

In addition to the extensive reach of, there are 5 tools that remain essential to highlight the unique features of your home. Everything else that sells your condo is the intangible skills your realtor brings to the table. It’s these skills, to tell the story of your unique home, which separates the realtors who can translate the market to successfully sell in a tough market, from those who can’t.

It's time to go back to the basics where your realtor makes the difference.


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