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Step By Step Guide to Buying A Home

Blog by Shali Tark | November 28th, 2016

Buying a home 

1. How exciting! are you a first time buyer? are you selling and buying or is this an investment property? 

2. How would you like to pay for that? Contact a mortgage specialist to obtain a pre-approval that best suits your current financial status. Financing options can be a night and day difference, depending on if you are living in or buying as an rental investment. Do you need access your RRSP’s? Or are you buying cash? (Cost breakdown in blog link) - insert link

3. Great, we have established a budget, and now we can identify the best locations to maximize value. Value and price are not the same thing. I will help select properties to view that are within your budget and best satisfy your wish list. 

4. Once we short-list a property, I will prepare an offer to purchase and I will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best terms possible. Keep in mind, a well priced property will demand a lot of interest from other buyers as well, so we will have to move fast. 

5. We want to have subjects to allow enough time to satisfy the lender and also do our homework about the property, strata documents, inspection, title search and general info. I know so much to do, but don’t worry, I got it all covered for you. Everything you need will be all organized in a drop box file for you.

6. Before we remove subjects, we ensure the lender, the inspector and most importantly, You, are satisfied. This is it. Advance to Go and Collect your $200. (okay, there’s no $200 but you get it) It’s the best part - time to celebrate on winning a great property.

7. Now what? - well, from here I keep an eye on the transaction from behind the scenes, get in touch with your lawyer/Notary and take care of all the communication for you. After all, you will be too busy packing. If you are moving into a strata, I will remind you to book your elevators and confirm the move-in dates (check the moving checklist on the blog for more details)

8. I have your keys, passes, fobs and everything ready for you to move in - you have your moving truck, a few friends to help and a lot of work for the next few days. But you are home and there is no better feeling.