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Vancouver Realtor - Buying a Marijuana Grow Op House in Vancouver by Shali Tark

Blog by Shali Tark | February 3rd, 2017

Buying a Marijuana Vancouver Grow-Op House by Shali Tark from shali on Vimeo.

Shali Tark: Hi! I’m Shali and today I want to talk about the house that is price really well and it almost seems like it’s too good to be true. So one of the things you want to look for to see is if it is a grow op, if the seller hasn’t to disclose it it’s going to be up to you to go out and find that out. So one of the things that you want to do is go to the city hall of the area that you’re in and talk to somebody there and they can certainly assist you with directing you to either the police department or the fire department that may also have records of it. The other thing I like to do is search the block that you are interested in, so if it’s seven thousand block of Ashbury street google that don’t just google the address because you’re going to end up in the same listings information on different sites and see what you can find out there. So if you have any for the questions on how to check for remediated homes or have to check for if it’s a possible grow up give me a call and I am more than happy chat with you or you can email me at Have a great day!